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Oliver Travel is a full service travel agency, with over 25 years of experience in all aspects of both domestic and international travel requirements, and is in fact one of the larger independent travel agencies in South Australia. Full service means exactly that - you can book all kinds of travel to all types of destinations - whether it's a round world multi stop itinerary or just a bus trip to Melbourne, whether it's a theatre ticket in London or a Sailing ship cruising the Mediterranean, and anything and everything else in between.

At Oliver Travel we believe in 'going the extra mile' as an everyday part of business and central to our philosophy is provision of a consistent quality of service and a genuine interest and care in every client's situation and needs.

The distinctive style of service we offer is driven by a belief that every individual and journey is unique, and so we know that the highest levels customer satisfaction cannot always be achieved by merely reselling an 'off the shelf' travel product - things often need to be customised and adapted to suit specific needs.

We maintain close and loyal relationships with our clientele, and evidence of this is that most new customers are a result of referral. At Oliver Travel we believe that a new client is an opportunity to begin a long-term friendship; and we are trusted because we consistently deliver.

As an agency we try never to lose sight of the fact that we are working for the client - and hence it follows that what is best for the client is what is important - not what is necessarily easiest or most profitable from our point of view. With every booking, we will always look at and consider all of the available options, and will always present these for consideration - sometimes coming up with possibilities or options that you may not have considered yourself.

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